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Why Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company Instead Of Hiring Janitors

Commercial Cleaning Company in Dallas

Obviously we are biased. We are one of the best cleaning agencies in the Dallas Fort Worth area. But we wholeheartedly believe in our mission of offering the right cleaning services to the right businesses. So how do you know if hiring a janitorial company is right for you?

1. How Much Cleaning Needs Done?

Hiring a person means providing them with enough hours for it be worth their time. But not too many hours because you run into paying them overtime. Hiring someone also means regular cleaning hours and regular time off. Janitorial services and cleaning companies provide much more flexible scheduling. Because the cleaning company is the one that has to worry about janitors’ schedules and overtime, it is usually much more convenient and cost effective to hire an agency unless you are confident that you have 20-30 hours worth of work just about every week for a regular janitor. Even then, there will be weeks when overtime is required.

2. Do You Have Time For Training?

Each office tends to have specific needs, and most janitors have specific experience. Some people typically may be experienced cleaning kitchen areas and restrooms, but not cubicles and common areas. Or maybe they have warehouse janitorial cleaning experience but not office cleaning experience. Obviously if you find the right candidate with the right experience, even then there is still the usual adjustment and learning time.

3. How Much Do You Have Budgeted For Cleaning?

Going through the process of a new hire is always a little expensive. Even at minimum wage, unexpected costs can come up. All reputable cleaning companies offer free quotes up front. You can request one from us today, to get an idea. For many clients it is usually both cost effective in addition to being easier to hire an agency. But it doesn’t have to be guesswork. Get a quote today and it will give you a ballpark idea.

4. How Flexible Is Your Business?

One of the best benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning services company is the fact that you get all of your information up front. Janitorial agencies can provide you with services they offer and quotes up front. Hiring a janitor you can get an idea by check on their references and experience, but it is still guesswork. You can look up cleaning agencies like us on, the Better Business Bureau, and even Facebook. If things don’t work out with your janitor, then you have to go through the HR process of terminating them and then hiring someone new all over again. Cleaning companies like us offer regular monthly inspections of the premises. If you have a problem with one of our staff, we can work with you and for you to resolve the problem. If that still doesn’t resolve the problem, it is still easier to just hire a new agency than it is to fire and hire a new janitor.

A commercial cleaning services Company That Cares… About You

What makes a cleaning company stand out from the rest? It’s all in how they treat you! Life’s too short to spend time talking to a janitorial company that doesn’t listen. We work hard to build a relationship with our clients that always ends in smiles. There are a lot of commercial cleaning services company options out there, but people keep coming back to us. We offer affordability, reliability, and customizability, but we think it is the friendly and familiar voice at the other end of the phone that has made us highly rated cleaning company in the entire Dallas Fort Worth area.

With our flexible scheduling our janitors clean your buildings when you need them to. We keep your trashcans empty and your restrooms clean. And with our own monthly inspections done by one of our partners, we make sure that your office is clean enough to meet the only standards higher than yours… ours!

Yes, we are Dallas’s best cleaning company, but what if your building isn’t in Dallas? We cover the entire Dallas Fort Worth area, offering the coverage of a national chain, but the flexibility and convenience of a local business. We’ve been around 40 years, serving cities like Arlington, Plano, and Garland and we want to make sure you’re covered too.

Testimonials From Happy Clients

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Environmental Cleaning Services has worked hard to build up a solid reputation for excellence and customer service in the entire DFW area. We’re proud of what our employees have accomplished! So how did we get to be the best janitorial service in Dallas? Well here are just a few of the reasons…

  • Environmental Cleaning has been in business for 34 years
  • Our current staff consists of over 90 highly trained janitorial cleaners
  • Because of our quality work culture and extensive training we have a low employee turn-over rate
  • All of our employees are trained using a Standard & Consistent Program
  • We carry Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance
  • All employees are bonded
  • You will communicate directly with an owner
  • You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our contact number
  • We will never make an excuse when a problem arises; our response will always be, “We will correct that issue now.”
  • Our company practices green friendly procedures with green seal certified chemicals and equipment.

Contact us for more information regarding green cleaning.