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We recently changed to Environmental Cleaning Services and I could not be happier. They do a wonderful job. I highly recommend them.
Becky Warner
Becky Warner
16:16 19 Jul 19
Mark and Mike provide excellent customer service. They are quick to respond in every situation especially emergencies. Their crews are always thorough and professional. Environmental is this property manager’s “go to” for janitorial services.
Lori Shafer
Lori Shafer
20:39 01 May 19
The quality of work that is provided by Environmental Cleaning is superb, and they are such a pleasure to work with!
Andrea Whittaker
Andrea Whittaker
19:12 20 Mar 19
I would highly recommend Environmental Cleaning Services. They take care of their customers and don’t make excuses.
Zac Roberts
Zac Roberts
22:56 12 Dec 18
I’ve been working with them for over a year now and they are willing to do the job right. They really do have great customer service and are quick to communicate.
James Browning
James Browning
21:01 26 Nov 18
Environmental Cleaning Services was great! Quality work and on time to their appointment. Definitely would recommend for someone looking for carpet cleaning!
Kathy Wall
Kathy Wall
17:58 21 Nov 18
They have cleaned our facility for many years and are always quick to respond and easy to work with!
Lisa R
Lisa R
21:30 03 Oct 18
Great company with great service. I use them for my business and they never missed a day, always on time and the price is very reasonable. Highly recommended!
Yair Frenkel
Yair Frenkel
01:34 14 May 18
This is a great place to work. The owners are honest and kind and expect the work to be done in a completely professional manner, which is refreshing. They are open to new ideas on how to clean and improve and they encourage their workers to communicate well with the management so that the customers get exactly what they are expecting with no excuses if there’s any type of problem..
Blake E
Blake E
05:03 28 Apr 18
Mark Roberts started this company in 1976 and has served thousands of satisfied customers since.Having been a former employee of Environmental Cleaning Services I can vouch for the integrity of the management team and the quality people they hire for supervisors and workers. Everyone is treated fairly and aim for the same goal of complete customer satisfaction with the cleaning services they provide.You can’t go wrong by hiring this team for all of your cleaning needs.
Cliff Willis
Cliff Willis
20:28 12 Feb 18

Dallas Janitorial Services

At Environmental Cleaning Services, our experience, staff, and the most recent technologies available has taken our commercial cleaning service to a new level. We combine our training with 40 years of experience to make sure that we are the right janitorial company for you. That’s why we are so proud to offer a wide variety of janitorial services throughout Dallas and surrounding areas.

Our commercial janitorial cleaning services are the highest quality available from start to finish, and one of our partners will personally inspect your site on a monthly basis to ensure the high level of cleanliness and your satisfaction.

Not only do we have the best commercial cleaning and janitorial equipment, we also offer the best scheduling options. Whether you need nightly cleaning, monthly janitors or one-time janitorial service, such as carpet cleaning or after construction cleaning.

We cover the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whether you need commercial cleaning services in Arlington, Plano or Carrollton, our janitors have you covered. We also offer green office-cleaning services. We are proud of our history of green cleaning methods and of the heritage we are striving to lead the Dallas community.


As cleaning contractors, we know the value of keeping the client happy. We will partner with you to provide the professional cleaning that you need and ensure the job is done completely and to your full satisfaction. Offices all throughout DFW know that our commercial cleaning service is the best in the area, and we offer an unbeatable combination of quality, value and experience.

Our staff of more than 90 janitors, maids and cleaners is well trained with a low turnover rate, so you can be sure that your janitorial staff will stay with you throughout your cleaning process, offering you consistency and quality of service.

• A great selection of services, including green cleaning.
• Advanced training and technology programs partnered with the best in commercial cleaning services equipment.
• Leadership and management that is committed to integrity and a job well done.
• Our customer service stands above the rest.
• Industrial/technical services leadership.
• Regular office cleaning inspections.

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Janitorial Services

Office Cleaning

Keep your office workspace running smoothly at a fraction of the cost.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Whether you are in massive warehouse, an assisted living facility, or a totally unique workspace, we have the staff and experience to keep you clean!

Green Cleaning

Avoid worrying about cleaning chemicals, we offer green cleaning solutions that can meet the strictest standards, both environmentally and econimcally!

Why Choose A Janitorial Service?

Obviously, we are biased, but we are also one of the best cleaning agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We wholeheartedly believe in our mission of offering the right cleaning services to each client … Read More!