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Scheduled Cleaning For Any Business

Scheduled Cleaning Janitors & Service in Dallas

Cleaning Schedules That Fit Any Business Size

Environmental Cleaning is proud to offer a complete selection of commercial cleaning and janitorial service packages for scheduled cleaning to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Our staff of fully trained professionals can work after your business hours in order to provide minimal intrusion with your daily operation. Or, if you prefer, we can clean your normal hours of operation. Regardless, we will work unobtrusively and efficiently in the background without bothering your employees or distracting them.

Professional, Discreet Service

You can be confident that our cleaning staff understands the importance of discretion and they’re capable of working independently without the need of supervision. So if you’re needing services during normal business hours, our professionals will come dressed professionally and will work with the utmost integrity at all times. Every member of our DFW commercial cleaning services staff is fully bonded, guaranteeing that your company is protected at all times.

Customizable Schedules

Environmental Cleaning, Inc. offers an assortment of schedules to suit your business needs. Providing efficient, quality service that meets your high standards is always our #1 goal. We are more than willing to create a cleaning schedule that works around your office hours. Whether you need a team to come clean once a week, we will do what it takes to accommodate your wishes.

7 Days / Week

This schedule is ideal for larger offices that require frequent cleaning due to heavy traffic flow, exposure to the elements, or the type of products and equipment used.

5 Days / Week

This is a practical option for any business that is only open for the standard 5 day work week. We’ll create a schedule to clean on the days that work best for your business.

3 Days / Week

This is a great value for offices that don’t require daily cleaning, but who want something more frequent than a weekly visit in order to maintain that fresh, just cleaned look every day.

Weekly Cleaning

This is ideal for smaller businesses and companies where heavy traffic, exposure to the elements, dust and debris, or the use of heavy equipment isn’t a problem. A great schedule for businesses working on a smaller budgets.

Monthly Cleaning

This is the perfect cleaning option if you desire to stay on top of the heavy cleaning, but aren’t currently able to commit to a weekly schedule. If you need substantial, deep cleaning at your office, then our monthly service is the perfect option.

Seasonal Cleaning

Seasonal cleaning would provide your business with top-to-bottom cleaning once each quarter. This package includes routine as well as heavy duty cleaning four times a year to clean away the grit and grime accumulated over the weeks and gives your employees the motivation needed to preserve their office space the rest of the year.

If you would like to set up one of the Professional commercial cleaning services Service Packages seen above for your Business in Dallas, please contact us today!


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