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Keeping Valentine’s Day Clean

Have you seen the Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad? If not, click below to check it out:

dallas loves our mr cleanThe basic idea of the ad is that doing a good job of cleaning for someone is sexy. Obviously we are fans of this logic because that would make us some of the best looking men and women in Texas.

Regardless of how you feel about Mr. Clean dancing around your living room, we do believe that providing a clean work area for your employees is also a great way to show that you care for them!

Your employees are more like to shine when they are working in a neat environment. This is true not just because clutter, trash, and messy kitchen areas require time and energy to navigate, but also because they take time away from more important tasks to clean.

One of the most common and repeated productivity “hacks” is to offload your repetitive tasks. If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, then find a way to automate that task or to hand it off to someone else. That’s where Environmental Cleaning Services comes in! We enable you to automate those cleaning tasks and free you up to take your focus off of the urgent and instead spend your time on the important.

So maybe your employees won’t be dancing in the kitchen when they see how clean the office is but at least they will be happy. Keeping your costs down and your productivity up, a commercial cleaning services service is the perfect Valentine that you can give to your staff!

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