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The 5 “A”s Of Finding The Right Cleaning Contractor


how to find a cleaning contractor

Cleaning contractors and janitorial services are a vital part of many local offices operations. But sorting out the scammers, overpriced commercial cleaning services services, and annoying cold callers can be tough. And by tough, I really mean, a lot of extra work. So how do you find the right cleaning contractor? Good question! We’ve put together a handy, easy to remember, guide “The 5 “A”s Of Finding The Right Cleaning Contractor” in no particular order.”

1. Availability

Flexible scheduling is a pretty big deal. Obviously you don’t want someone mopping the floor during your times of highest traffic, or running a vacuum cleaner during your meeting. Unless your meetings are really boring. Maybe you don’t need a lot of cleaning, maybe you only need once a month. You don’t have to pay for regular nightly janitors to come and empty just one straw wrapper from the trash can when you can have them come less often. We at Environmental Cleaning Services don’t normally like to toot our horns but we are pretty available. We do happen to have over 90 employees just sitting around with nothing to do but wait for the big red janitor-man phone to ring so they can spring into action. Check out our availability page for more info

2. Affordability

You want your buildings cleaned, but you don’t want to pay golden mop bucket prices. So how much should a commercial cleaning services company cost? Unfortunately there isn’t a really easy answer for that, otherwise we would have made up a catchy song about it like “So so clean for only seventeeeeennnnn!” But reality is never as fun as the musical world in our heads. So all good janitorial companies offer the next best thing; a free quote. If you are looking into a new cleaning contractor, ask them for a quote giving them your specific info, such as how big the space is, how often you need it cleaned, and whether or not you happen to be a kennel. All of those things and more can factor into the price, but all good janitorial services offer that free quote. Click here to get our free quote.

3. Area of Coverage

Is your business in Plano, Texas, or Dallas? How about Cleveland? You want a cleaning contractor that is big enough to be able to offer the availability and services that you need but still small enough to still have flexibility, responsiveness, and especially customer service. So you may want to rule out a giant national janitorial company but still look for one that covers your offices around the local area. I know that we previously mentioned something about not tooting our own horn, but we happen to cover the entire Dallas Fort Worth area. Sorry Cleveland, you’re out of luck.

4. Applicable Services

Do you have carpets that need cleaned? Are you looking for restroom cleaners? Maybe you need someone to keep an office kitchen area smelling more like lemons and less like lasagna that’s been reheated 7 or 8 times. Make sure to find the office cleaners with a menu of services that meet your needs. This list of services should probably look something like this!

5. A Lot Of Experience

Ok, so we’re starting to stretch the whole “A” theme, but this is still a big step in how to find a cleaning contractor. An inexperienced contractor will have greater difficulty in adapting to problems or unique situations. They will probably be a little slower. So why settle for someone who is learning on the job when you can hire someone with experience. What is a decent amount of experience? Well we’ve been around since 1976, the summer of our fair nation’s bicentennial. That’s some good experience!

Bonus: Customer Service

So I ran out of “A”s but decided to include this anyway because it is so important! The many people are willing to pay a little bit extra for quality customer service. You know that you’ve found a great cleaning contractor when you get both quality customer service and affordability. That’s where the national chains tend to fail. And that is where local area cleaning contractors really shine. We happen to have great reviews on yelp, and we’re a member of the better business bureau. Call us and find out how friendly we are!

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