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5 Differences Between A Maid Service And Commercial Cleaning Services


What are the differences between a home cleaning service and a commercial cleaning services company like Environmental Cleaning Services? Environmental Cleaning is one of the Dallas Fort Worth area’s best janitorial companies, and we serve a huge variety of businesses, both big and small. Because of our expertise in cleaning businesses and our great customer service we are often asked why we don’t offer home cleaning services as well. The answer is because they are so different! Here are 5 differences between a janitorial service and a maid service.

High Standards vs HIGH Standards

Of course you want your home to be cleaned thoroughly. No one wants to pay for a maid and still have a grimey kitchen or dusty living room. However, commercial cleaning services services are often required to meet strict government and industry standards for cleaning hospitals, medical centers, labs, and food handling businesses. And because of those stricter standards our employees receive different training and use different tools. Maid services will clean your house. commercial cleaning services companies will CLEAN your business.

A Wider Variety Of Tools And Options

More and more maid services are catching up to janitorial companies when it comes to offering green and environmentally friendly cleaning options. However, they still have a long way to go to being on parity with a green certified cleaning company like Environmental Cleaning (it’s right there in our name!). Typically a maid service will offer a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning option with a few variations on those. Because commercial cleaning services companies serve such a wide variety of needs and businesses, their arsenal of cleaning tools and services is also much wider. No business is too big, too small, or too niche to benefit from commercial cleaning. We’ve got you covered.

Hourly Availability

That flexibility also extends to the hours worked. Usually a maid or house cleaner is available just during the day and rarely on weekends. Janitorial workers are available any time, any day. We are available to wear uniforms and blend in during your open business hours, but often our clients prefer that our highly trained staff clean on nights or weekends when the clients’ own employees aren’t around to be distracted or inconvenienced. A good commercial cleaning services company offers total flexibility.

Contracts vs Cash

Usually a maid is paid in cash the day of the cleaning. Commercial cleaners typically offer their services under contract and are paid through invoicing. This is usually more convenient for both the client and the janitorial service. However, like many maid services, a good janitorial service will offer a free estimate upfront so there are no surprises.

Different Priorities

When you hire a maid service, you want someone who is going to be careful with your belongings. Obviously this is true with commercial cleaners as well, but your home is your personal space. If an object is broken at home, it may have more sentimental value than monetary so even though a good maid service will quickly, financially replace the broken object. However, a $20 vase that has special meaning can’t be replaced by $20. So a good maid company has to prioritize sensitive actions in people’s personal homes. However a commercial cleaning services company has to prioritize efficiency and productivity. Time spent achieving the desired cleanliness is typically of higher importance.

The Two Industries Aren’t Totally Different

While there are definitely enough differences that we can only offer commercial cleaning, there are some ways in which janitorial services and maid services are similar.

They Both Offer Deep And Regular Cleaning

Whether you are due for a spring cleaning at home, or you’ve just had a major construction project completed at work, both services offer deep cleaning. But maybe you just need regular light cleaning if both you and your spouse work all day and don’t have time to manage the dusting, vacuuming, and dishes day in and day out. Or maybe you just need a small crew to empty trash cans, keep the restrooms clean, and make sure there aren’t any dirty dishes in an eating area at work. Both industries offer regular scheduled cleaning.

They Both Require Accountability And Reliability

As I mentioned earlier, your home is your personal space and obviously having someone in your home on a regular basis requires a high level of trust and reliability. But the same is true of commercial cleaning services contractors. Your business is not only your livelihood but also that of your employees and it is vital to your customers. That is why we offer the best customer service possible AND monthly inspections by one of our partners adding an extra layer of accountability.

Environmental Cleaning Services is proud to serve the janitorial needs of the Dallas Fort Worth area. If you are in need of commercial cleaning services don’t hesitate to contact us for your free quote.

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