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Spruce Up your Business for Fall

rake and fall leavesEveryone has heard of spring cleaning, but what about cleaning for the three other seasons? The first day of autumn falls on Wednesday September 23 this year and is the perfect opportunity to have your office cleaned before the cool weather – and flu season – sets in. Target these areas to get started:

The Lobby

The lobby is not only the first location guests and potential customers will see, but it is also one of the most trafficked areas in a building. Make a good first impression by creating a clean, comfortable environment. We recommend keeping a broom in a closet near the lobby area. This way, as the autumn leaves begin to drift in with customers, you can easily sweep them back out onto the street. Placing a bottle of hand sanitizer at the front desk is another good suggestion, providing customers with a chance to clean their hands after leafing through magazines.

The Bathroom

When cleaning office bathrooms, be sure to focus on the places most frequently touched. Faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and door handles are among the most important to get to. A clean bathroom makes for happy employees and customers, so be sure to spot clean throughout the week.

The Kitchen

Focus your fall cleaning attention on one of the most popular spots in the building; the kitchen. With so much food being handled in this area, it is bound to get dirty quick. Wipe down counters, tables and refrigerators regularly and take the time to sweep up the floors, including those hard-to-reach corners.


Prepare for the changing weather by checking your doors and windows. Make sure there are no cracks and that they all close tightly to ward against drafts. Clean out the gutters and trim the bushes to create an inviting appearance.

Looking for a janitorial service in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area? Contact Environmental Cleaning Services at 214-526-6814 for a free quote. Whether you are looking for daily, weekly or monthly assistance, we can help you create a positive and healthy work environment.

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