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Prevent Illness in the Office this Flu Season

keep your keyboard cleanAlthough flu season doesn’t usually peak until January, seasonal flu activity begins as early as October. With 60 percent of employees heading to work when they are sick, we recommend keeping your work area clean and germ free as the weather grows cooler here in Dallas.

Use Sanitizing Surface Wipes

Reduce your chances of catching the cold that is floating around the office by wiping down your desk with sanitizing surface wipes once a day. This routine will also create a cleaner workspace, since you will have to put away clutter before you clean.

Clean Your Keyboard

One of the easiest places for dirt and debris to get caught, your keyboard should be cleaned regularly for a germ-free workstation. Take time to wipe down yours at least once a week and use canned compressed air to lift up dirt and dust that is stuck between the keys.

Wash Your Mugs and Utensils

Whether you have a go-to coffee mug or a reusable water bottle, it is important to keep it clean. Instead of rinsing out your beverage each morning, take the time to scrub with soap and hot water to keep bacteria at bay. Wipe down your eating area before opening your lunch and be sure to wash the silverware you keep at the office before and after using it.

Take Care of Yourself

Looking to avoid cold and flu symptoms throughout the holiday season? Take your vitamins every day. Adults who take vitamin C get sick less often and have a faster recovery from cold and flu symptoms than those who don’t. If you know you won’t remember to take your vitamins in the rush to get out the door each morning, keep a bottle on your desk to remind you right when you get to work. Also, be sure to get enough rest each night. The more tired your body is, the more susceptible you are to illness.

Make your business a healthier place to work with Environmental Cleaning Services. A commercial janitorial service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we will put together a cleaning schedule that fits your specific needs. Whether you are looking for nightly, weekly or monthly service, contact us online or by calling 214-526-6814 today.


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