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Making the Best of Your Office Move

Moving your company to a new office can be equal parts exciting and stressful. There are many factors and details that need to be handled and processed so that you can get your files, equipment and, of course, your employees into the new location with as few issues or hiccups as possible.

The good news is that with proper preparation and execution your move can be a relatively painless process. Here are some valuable tips for owners and office managers to keep in mind during your next major office move.

Preparing Employees for an Office MovePreparing Your Employees for the Move

Once you have the new location secured and the move dates decided, it is time to prep your staff for what comes next. Be open with your employees about the status of things and keep them involved by asking for their opinions on the new office layout.

It is also important to remind your employees that even though a move is occurring, they are still working for the company, and it is still expected that their work goals and projects be completed on time, as they would be on any other day.

You also need to keep positive during the entire moving process while enforcing all the good things that are coming out of this process. If you are moving to a larger facility, remind your employees that the move to a bigger place means that business is good and will only get better once they are settled in the new office.

If you are downsizing and moving to a smaller facility, it could be for a number of reasons, including increased efficiency or a reduced reliance on in-office work. In this case, discuss the positives of the smaller location, such as having less overhead or gaining more operating capital.

Being honest and open with your employees while maintaining a positive attitude is exactly what your employees need to see so that they can good about this significant change.

Utilizing Your Employees During the Move

As an office manager or owner, it is not necessary for you to handle the burden of the move on your own, so have your employees give a helping hand. When employees feel that they are part of the process, it helps them feel more comfortable about the move, and including them throughout your relocation can make the process even smoother.

Having Employees Help with Your MoveAssemble a task force of key employees and have them handle some of the mid-level responsibilities such as answering common employee questions, suggests AMJ Western Ontario, Canada’s largest moving company. This task force can also help to take inventory, which is key to knowing what is moving with you and ensuring that it reaches the destination.

Part of taking inventory is getting rid of things you don’t need, as well. Employees often feel good when they are able to remove clutter and paperwork that is no longer relevant. Holding onto old work can often mean holding onto old stresses, so getting rid of paperwork that’s no longer needed can also help them to feel like they can finally let go of those past projects and look forward to new adventures in a new office. Don’t forget: shred all unwanted confidential corporate paperwork, reminds CIO Magazine.

You might also have the employees assist with the disassembling of office furniture – including all of those desk chairs. The best thing about this project is that it can be perfect for team building while also promoting exercise with the lunges, reaches and squats involved in the process. Just make sure that everyone remains safe and that they aren’t disassembling anything too complex.

Having the employees give a helping hand can take a lot of stress off a manager’s shoulders, and a less stressed manager is a more effective manager.

Motivating Your Employees After the Move

If the actual moving of the company is the most challenging part of the process, then the arrival in the new office is an easy second. As with any type of move, arriving in the new office and adjusting to working in a new environment can be a bit jarring, so make it easy on them.

Wait until you have everything set before you bring in the employees, which means having their cubes clean and orderly, getting all office equipment – including printers and fax machines in their place – and making sure that the office is ready for business. Getting everything prepared will help the employees acclimate to their new workplace faster while enabling them to be productive right off the bat.

You will also want to make sure that all phone systems and computers are ready to go, says Ripple. This will mean allowing enough time to reconnect systems or install new computing technologies so that everything is ready to go. Be sure to spend some time educating the employees on any new systems and do it early so they aren’t sitting around confused.

Preparing Employees for an Office MoveIt is also a very good idea to give the employees a grand tour of their new office including where the break rooms and bathrooms are, where different teams will be located throughout the office, and where all entrances and exits are located. These tours can prevent lost productivity caused by employees meandering around the office lost and confused.

Finally, you might consider having a party with your staff to celebrate the successful move, says Monster. While everyone is letting off some steam, have a toast to the employees for their assistance and the hard work they put in to the move while also raising a glass to the future of the company and what lies ahead.

A Clean Office Is a Happy Office

Nobody wants to work in a cluttered office, as a disorganized workplace can often result in disorganized employees. If you are moving, consider the assistance of a full-service cleaning company like Environmental Cleaning Services to ensure that the experience in your new space remains a tidy one.

At Environmental Cleaning Services, we offer a full suite of office cleaning services to help you clean out your old location or pre-clean your new office space. To keep your new office looking as good as new, we can also work with you to establish a regular scheduled cleaning service so that everything says clean and tidy in your new space. To learn more, give us a call at 214-526-6814 today and let us get to work!

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