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Keep Your Office Space Fresh Between Cleanings

Clutter-Free Desk

Whether your office is cleaned weekly or monthly, dust and dirt can build up quickly in between. There is nothing better than the feeling of a freshly cleaned office, so why not make every day at your desk feel as neat and tidy as the day after Environmental Cleaning Services visits? Follow these tips and tricks to make your space sparkle between cleanings.


A well organized, clutter-free office makes getting work done easier. Cut down on the time you spend rifling through papers and create a space that will impress your clients, coworkers and boss. The first step to organizing your space is to create a system. Use bins or folders for incoming and outgoing mail and use a folder system to separate the paperwork associated with each project or client you are working with. Once you have a system in place, stick with it and remember to put things away as you are finished with them.

The most important thing you need to keep your desk mess-free: A garbage can. Place one within arm’s reach to make tossing out dried up pens, old papers and snack wrappers easy. Take the time to empty out your garbage when it is full or when food waste is thrown out.

Remove Distractions

From the stress ball you never touch to the framed photographs of your children at every grade level, there are probably a lot of little items on your desk taking up a big amount of space. De-clutter and make more room for work by removing extra items and distractions. Keep one or two pictures only, and place them on an upper shelf where they can’t be knocked over or be in the way. As for all the gadgets and knick-knacks you have picked up along the way, go through them and throw out or bring home those that you don’t need on your desk. A quick rule of thumb: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, there is no reason for it to be in the workplace. Once the excess clutter has been taken away, there will be plenty of extra room for the stapler you are always searching for and a container to hold the pens that lay scattered across your office.


Grab a paper towel or some disinfecting wipes and remove all the extra dust that forms across your keyboard and on the shelves. A dusty desk is a dirty one, so take a few moments at the end of each day or week to wipe down your office and start fresh. Your coworkers and your sinuses will thank you!

Make cleaning a part of your every day routine to avoid the buildup of mess and clutter that so easily forms on a busy schedule. Even five minutes of putting things in their place at the end of each day will make a big difference; and you will love coming in to a sparkling, fresh office in the mornings.

Interested in hiring a janitorial service for your Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas business? Contact Environmental Cleaning Services at 214-526-6814. Whether you are looking for monthly, weekly or nightly cleaning, we will work with your unique schedule to develop a plan that fits your company’s lifestyle.

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