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Going Green – Cleaning Your Office and the Environment

Going Green – Cleaning Your Office and the EnvironmentCommon cleaners found in stores today are much stronger than they used to be. However, most of them also contain chemicals or other components that are harmful to our well-being as well as our environment. That’s why at Environmental Cleaning Services, we offer green cleaning options to help get the job done while impacting the environment as little as possible.

When a room has been cleaned, our noses typically can tell because of the odor from the cleaners. Well, those smells can contain harmful elements that are not safe for us, our fellow coworkers or our customers to inhale. In fact, some of these odors can be very detrimental to anyone with allergies or any other sensitivities. At Environmental Cleaning Services, we keep those unwanted odors from affecting your work area by using less astringent products, making your work area much more comfortable and allowing you to work without being disrupted. Plus, you, your clients and your staff can go about your day without having to worry about what they’re inhaling.

The supplies we use are very effective as well. Despite the stigma that a green product means a less effective clean, our cleaning supplies will not damage anything and will get the job done just like any other cleaning item. They also won’t damage the environment, as any chemicals that could harm the world around us have been taken out. By using  green cleaning options, you will have a not only a cleaner workplace, but a cleaner conscious that keeping your office or business spic and span is helping to reduce the overall impact that we have on the environment.

Environmental Cleaning Services offers janitorial services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and new cleaning technologies, we will make your building or office look great. For more information on our services or to receive a free cleaning quote for your business, call us today at 214-526-6814!

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