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Serving As The Best Commercial Cleaning Company In Garland

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Environmental Cleaning Services is dedicated to continuing to be the best commercial cleaning services company in Garland! With over 39 years of experience serving the entire Dallas Fort Worth area ECS has been offering commercial cleaning services and janitorial services that match the needs of local offices, whether they are big or small. So what makes us such a perfect fit for Garland?

We Offer A Wide Range Of Cleaning Services

garland cleaning companyWhether you are leasing office space in a building full of other offices, or you own your own campus we have the range and flexibility to offer the services you need to keep you clean and running efficiently without disrupting your day to day operations or distracting your customers and clients from doing business with you. While some janitorial services may empty trash cans and clean cubicles, they may not also clean kitchen areas and restrooms (or the other way around). In addition to offering a wide range of cleaning abilities we also offer certified green cleaning options.


No Hidden Costs Or Fees

We want to help you make the best decision for your business. Garland is known for overcoming tough times. We didn’t get this reputation by not doing our homework on frivolous spending. Never considering a commercial cleaning services company that doesn’t offer upfront and free quotes. Each building is unique and has unique requirements but that shouldn’t mean it should be a challenge to find out the pricing information you need. Environmental Cleaning Services offers free quotes through phone or online submissions. If you’re having a hard time deciding between hiring a full time janitor or contracting a janitorial or cleaning agency, check out our handy list of questions for making the right decision.

Flexible Scheduling

Every office in Garland not only has unique cleaning needs, but they also have unique janitorial scheduling needs. One of the best reasons for hiring a commercial janitorial company is our flexibility in scheduling. Whether you need nightly cleaning, once a month, or during the day but without disrupting business, we have you covered. Why bother hiring someone who is going to take off once a month to go to his neighbor’s daughter’s dog’s birthday when you have a dedicated staff of over 90 highly trained janitors AND monthly inspections from leadership in our company. You never have to worry about not being clean again!

The Best Customer Service In The Cleaning Business!

We work hard to have our great reputation. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself in our business and we’ve decided that we want to stand out by being the best in janitorial customer service. We are always available, ready to assist you in an emergency to be your trusted and reliable cleaning company. Find out today just how friendly and helpful we can be!