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Jet Propelled Janitorial Services

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NASA is proud owner of some of the cleanest rooms on the planet. Unfortunately, despite this they still have some of the dirtiest equipment on all the other planets. That’s why NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory take special care not to contaminate the rest of the solar system with Earth-born microbes. And while you and I would have a difficult time hitching a ride by hanging on the outside of a spacecraft traveling to Mars, it is still a common enough threat for bacteria that the space agency has to get serious about their cleaning. Despite their stringent standards and absolutely rigorous cleaning methods, they recently discovered a new type of microbe in their special “clean rooms.”

These “clean rooms” have been subjected to a thorough cleaning followed by being baked at 233 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 hours! Even with these measures taken, millions of microbes are still sent into space. This can complicate NASA’s search for signs of life on other planets.
We at Environmental Cleaning Services strive to provide the absolute best janitorial services in the entire Dallas Fort Worth area. We employ the best and most trustworthy people, utilize the best equipment and tools, as well as providing some of the greenest options available. But sometimes even with the cleanest standards in the solar system, a little dirt can slip through. That’s why we offer something NASA doesn’t; quality customer service.
We make it a priority to listen to you and put you first. We are able to schedule the amount of cleaning and number of visits to you and your schedule. We know how important your business is to you and we make it important to us as well. Let us help you become among the cleanest on the planet! Contact us today…

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