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A Little Dusting Leads To Big Breathing

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Dallas Texas is a big city: big on football, culture, food, nightlife, and family-friendly fun. All this activity can really stir up some dust and as a result, allergies and asthma can be a big deal in Dallas too. There are so many other things we could be doing so let’s not waste time dusting and sneezing.

To effectively keep dust to a minimum in your home or office, a regular cleaning schedule is key. Outsourcing this task to an experienced janitor or janitress can save you time, keep cleaning on schedule, reduce office sick time, and save you money. Hiring someone to keep things clean at home can allow you more time to do the big things in life and help your family breath easier.

Whether you or janitorial services are doing the work remember to collect the dust in your home instead of spreading it around. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off surfaces. By that we mean all surfaces. Turn the cloth over as it accumulates dead skin, dog hair, pollen, and whatever floated in and found a landing spot in your home. Be careful not to get in a big hurry. We are gathering particles not swishing them around. When your cloth is full, take it outside or down in a bag to shake off excess. Rinse your cloth and hang to dry. Keep your dusting cloths handy. If you have to hunt for a cloth it is too easy to get sidetracked and fall behind on your dusting regime.

Think about your plan of attack. Start up high, go around the room and consider all surfaces. Use other tools that collect and hold dust. A lint roller works well on curtain and fabrics. Recruit short people to help down low. (We recommend short people between the ages of five and ten.) Lightly spray a sock and have your assistant wear it on their hand. Glue on some wiggle eyes and you have a sock dragon that devours dust on baseboards and stair/chair spindles.

Keeping your home dust free may feel like defending the Alamo. The good news is there are many ways to help prevent an invasion. Make sure filters on furnaces and air conditioners are clean or regularly replaced. Invest in a vacuum with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Absorption) filter. Mats at entrances collect all kinds of dirt particles from being tracked through your home. Remember to clean them also. Have carpets and curtains professionally cleaned to remove deep down dirt makes your regular surface cleaning more effective. Wipe off ceiling fans that tend to circulate dust.

Dust bunnies are notorious for hiding under the beds and behind furniture, especially in children’s rooms. Make a game of piling all the toys littering the floor onto the bed. Vacuum and dust then clean off the bed. Stuffed animals can be laundered or put in “time out” in the freezer to get rid of dust mites. Other toys can be put away with “sock dragon” gloves on. Then the bedding can be washed and dried. The whole family will breath easier.

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