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How to Set Rules for Your Office Fridge

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to bring lunch to work in the morning. Not only will you save money by preparing a lunch at home, but you can save time as well by having food ready to go as soon as it’s your break time.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides that come along with everyone sharing a refrigerator at work, including the fact that it’s easy for messes to go uncleaned and mold to build up. Take advantage of the following tips to ensure your office fridge is free of mildew and sparking clean!

Fresh Restart

If the office fridge is currently a huge mess, the best thing to do is have everything take their food and drinks out and clean every inch of it. This will give the entire office a fresh start to keep the refrigerator clean. During this process, you will also likely find old leftovers, empty bottles and other things that can be thrown away completely. Not only will this allow you to wipe down all of the surfaces inside, but it will help to get rid of some clutter.

Kitchen CleaningKeeping It Clean

Once you’ve taken care of the major issues, it’s time to get everyone on the same page. One easy solution is to create a cleaning schedule that assigns each person a turn to clean the fridge every week. You can also make it clear to employees that empty containers and leftovers that have gone bad should be removed in a timely manner or they will be thrown away. One option that works for many offices is that anything left in the fridge after a certain time – say, 4 p.m. Friday afternoons – will be thrown out.

Lead by Example

Finally, you and other senior members of the team need to set an example for everyone else. Don’t expect your employees to keep the fridge clean if you refuse to do the same. Just about every aspect of a business is a team effort, including this, so take some of the responsibility yourself and everyone will pitch in to do their part.

Of course, cleaning is what we do best at Environmental Cleaning Services, and we know that you and your team are busy serving your customers and clients. Let us serve you with a sparkling clean workspace – not only in your fridge, but throughout your entire office. To learn more about our comprehensive suite of janitorial services, contact us today!

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