Janitorial Services in Dallas, TX

Janitorial Services in Dallas

Providing Dallas Janitorial Services For Over 40 Years

Janitorial services is in our DNA. Environmental Cleaning has been keeping our town clean since 1976, trusted by many of Texas’s most prominent businesses. Our experience and affordability has brought Dallas the janitorial services that has made us the jewel of Texas. We are proud of our state, proud of our city, and proud of our record. We want to help you have a clean workplace that is something you’re proud of as well.

Offering Free Quotes And The Best Customer Service

Our customer service and convenience is what sets us apart from other janitorial services. Of course you don’t have to take our word for it, just give us a call for a free quote today and find out how nice we are! We aren’t looking for clients, we are looking for partners in building a better, brighter, and cleaner future.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in Dallas, TX

 Services We Offer

We strive to provide Dallas all the janitorial services that they need. That’s why we offer a wide range of services including nightly cleanings, carpet cleaning, floor stripping, refinishing, restroom cleaning, and water removal. We love local businesses, whether large or small and want to provide you with the services you need to keep your workplace clean and running smoothly. And because we love our community so much we also after green cleaning services, making sure that our community is clean and green for our children and grandchildren. For a full list of services click HERE.

  • Office cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning and janitorial
  • Kitchen and food area cleaning
  • Trash emptying
  • Floor cleaning and janitorial
  • Flexible scheduling services
  • and more!


Since opening in 1976, we have grown and expanded throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are proud to serve Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Arlington, Mansfield and every where in between. Check out our list of janitorial service locations. If you are anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth area, give us a call!

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A Janitorial Company That Cares

We know that the decision to hire a janitorial company or hire internally is a tough one. That is why we go out of our way to fit into your schedule, to fit into your budget, and to fit into your culture. Yes we are pros at keeping your office clean, but we’re also professionals at keeping you happy. Dallas is known for friendliness, food, and cheerleaders. We want to build on our city’s reputation for friendliness (especially since we look better in janitors’ uniforms than we do in cheerleader skirts). We care about our community, both its cleanliness and its reputation for caring. Why not consider partnering with us in cleaning up this town?

Should I Hire A Janitorial Service Or New Employees?

So how do you know if hiring a janitorial service is for you? Check out our handy guide on choosing a contractor vs hiring your own janitor to see if is the right move to make. But in general, for most businesses, it just makes more sense to go with a specialist rather than going on your own. Like with many other hiring decisions, hiring a janitor comes with the extra work of training as well as the extra expenses and that doesn’t even cover the cleaning tools and supplies.

When you hire a janitorial contractor like Environmental Cleaning Services you get the convenience and experience from professionals. Even if you are planning on hiring employees in the future those trash cans still need emptied before your employees revolt (or change your logo to a landfill).

Choosing Environmental Cleaning Services

Choosing us as your janitorial service is a decision you won’t regret. Our history of reliability and trustworthiness combined with our expertise and customer service have made us the leading cleaning contractor in the Dallas For Worth area. If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, give us a call!

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